The MacoPress Smart new generation is a fully automatic and compact whole blood components separator which :

  • Reduces handling time, and risks of repetitive strain injuries.
  • Generates reproducibility & standardization
  • Provides a high level of traceability through a large variety of data exchange features.
  • Produces excellent quality components & recovery

The MacoPress Smart new generation offers the same functionalities as the previous generation such as:

  • Sealing heads with optical sensors and flow detector
  • Lateral press for higher plasma yield and air extraction
  • 3 automatic cannula breakers for the primary bag, additive solution bag, and Red Cells Concentrate bag, including in-process red cell mixing

With the addition of:

  • Front sensors on the main press : 12 front sensors. The design of the sensor array allows an accurate pre-setting of the targeted haematocrit.
  • A bigger colour touchscreen display
  • Bicolour indication lights on the clamps to guide the user through the tubes’ installation
  • Easy to clean and seal clamps
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