Life Code Transplant

Life Code Transplant

LIFECODES is a world-class leader in transplant diagnostics providing a broad portfolio of molecular and antibody-based assays using ELISA and xMAP® technology to evaluate HLA compatibility between donors and recipients.

Laboratories all over the world use LIFECODES HLA serology and molecular typing assays as part of determining the best path forward for a transplant recipient. The more compatible the donor-recipient match, the less likely for organ or stem cell rejection.


Antibody Detection Products

  • LIFECODES Screen & Identification
  • LIFECODES LSA Single Antigen
  • LIFECODES Donor Specific Antibody

HLA Genotyping

  • LIFECODES SeCore HLA Sequence-Based Typing
  • LIFECODES Fluoroanalyzer


    • Amplified DNA can be analyzed with up to 100 different SSO probes simultaneously
    • Detection of antibodies in serum directed against up to 100 different antigens in a single well with sensitivity similar to flow cytometry
    • Multiplex reactions reduce labor, consumables and assay time
    • XY platform allows walk-away acquisition from 1 to 96 samples at a time
    • Convenience of automated analysis
    • Powered by xMAP technology from Luminex

    Accuracy and Precision

    • Sample uptake volume ±5%
    • Classification of microspheres >80%
    • Misclassification of microsphere <2%
    • May vary by xMAP microsphere product lines. Refer to the specific product information sheet for further details
    • Temperature control 0°C to +2°C of target
    • Internal sample carryover <0.9%
    • Soluble background fluorescence emissions at 575 nm automatically subtracted from fluorescence intensity values


    • Detects 1000 fluorochromes phycoerythrin (PE) per xMAP microsphere
    • Reporter channel dynamic range: 3.5 decades of detection


    • Reporter laser: 532 nm, nominal output 10-15 mW, maximum 500mW, frequency doubled diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
    • Classification laser: 635 nm, 9.1 ±6%, maximum output 25 mW, diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)
    • Reporter detector: Photomultiplier tube, detection bandwidth of 565-585 nm
    • Classification detector and doublet discriminator: Avalanche photo diodes with temperature compensation
    • Fluidics
    • Sheath flow rate: 90 µL ± 5 µL/second
    • Cuvette: 200 micron square flow channel
    • Sample injection rate: 1µL/second
    • Sample update volume: 20-200 µL


    The specifications below reflect minimum capacity values:

    • Analyze multiple 96-well plates per batch
    • Analyze multiple assay templates per plate
    • Automatic sampling from a 96-well plate. The following microtiter plates are compatible with the Luminex XY Platform plate holder: flatbottom, conical, round, filter bottom, half plates [overall height no more than 0.75" (19mm)], any color
    • Sheath container and waste container hold enough volume to run up to two 96-well plates between refills
    • Distinguish a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample
    • Detect and distinguish surface reporter fluorescence emissions at 575 nm on the surface of 1-100 unique xMAP microsphere sets in a single sample


    • Operating temperature: 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
    • Humidity: 20% to 80%, non-condensing
    • Altitude: Operation up to 2400 m (7874 ft) above mean sea level
    • Physical dimensions: 43 cm (17") W x 50.5 cm (20") D x 24.5 cm (9.5") H
    • Weight: 25 kg (60 lbs.)
    • UL Installation Category II, as defined in Annex J of the UL 61010A-1
    • UL Pollution Degree 2, as defined in Section of UL 61010A-1
    • Luminex® 200 analyzer, input voltage range: 100-120V~±10%, 1.4 Amp, and 200-240 V~±10%, 0.8 Amp, 47-63 Hz

    System Specifications

    • Intel Pentium IV or equivalent class PC, minimum speed 933 MHz
    • Main memory: minimum of 512 MB
    • Hard disk drive: 10 GB minimum storage capacity
    • Communication/Ports: minimum of one parallel port, 2 RS-232 compatible serial ports, and one USB version 1.1 compatible high speed port
    • Read, write and removable media: CDR/W drive
    • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP2
    • CE marked and UL listed
    • Two-button mouse or equivalent
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