Chemagic prime


Integrated Automation of Nucleic Acid

The new chemagic Prime™ instrument is a fully automated solution for primary sample transfer, DNA and RNA isolation, optional normalization, and PCR setup applications, that offers streamlined, walk-away sample processing. It delivers contaminant-free, extracted DNA and RNA in high concentrations, offering researchers a validated, single supplier workflow.

Nucleic acid isolation is a critical prerequisite for many downstream applications. The chemagic Prime instrument uses patented magnetic bead technology (M-PVA-Magnetic Beads) with fully automated liquid handling to provide high quality and high yield isolation of nucleic acids from a variety of sample types, suitable for NGS, MLPA, genotyping and PCR. Unlike other automated solutions, the chemagic Prime instrument uses magnetized rods instead of magnetic plates to separate nucleic acids from solutions. By transferring the beads instead of the process solutions, the contamination risk is minimized, and higher purity, more intact DNA and RNA can be isolated. Reagent kits are available for the isolation of DNA and RNA from various human samples including whole blood, saliva, plasma, tissues, FFPE samples, and feces.

The chemagic Prime instrument streamlines your nucleic acid preparation by incorporating chemagen Technology for high quality nucleic acid isolation and proprietary key liquid handling technologies:

  • Streamlined, walk-away sample processing
  • Reliable DNA and RNA extraction workflow
  • 10 µl – 10 ml sample volume range
  • Automated barcode reading facilitates full traceability
  • Double sample set capacity increases throughput to 24, 48 or 192 samples
  • Various output format options offers flexibility
  • Precise pipetting with 4- or 8-channel VariSpan™ arm offers flexibility in throughput, plate capacity, and dynamic volume range
  • VariSpan™ Tips improve accuracy