Chemagic Manual kits


Chemagic Manual kits

Chemagic kits for manual use are based on Perkin Elmer’s proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Bead Technology. To apply chemagic kits manually a permanent magnet is required for bead collection. Perkin Elmer offers manual magnetic particle separators known as chemagic stands.

Chemagic Stands:

Specially designed racks for Manual Magnetic Separation in most common reaction vessels. For convenient separation of M-PVA Magnetic beads from different volumes use our specially developed chemagic Magnetic stands. This specific design, with magnetic and non-magnetic positions, makes working with 1.5ml and 2ml reaction tubes easy.

Manual kits are available for different sample types as follows:

Fresh or Frozen whole human blood, Serum, Plasma, Tissue, Food, swabs, urine & feces