Chemagic 360


Compact - Based on proven technology

Designed for desktop use, the Chemagic 360 instrument processes sample volumes from 10 µl - 10 ml (from e.g. whole blood, saliva or serum/plasma samples) in high throughput. With dimensions of only 80 x 80 cm, the system extracts DNA from diverse sample materials and volumes in just in 60 minutes. This unique sample volume flexibility is gained through the usage of 3 different extraction heads (1 - 12; 1 - 24 and 1 - 96), the so called chemagic Rod Heads.

Hands-on time is reduced through a dispenser unit (chemagic Dispenser). Equipped with barcode-reader and QA software the chemagic 360 instrument complies LIMS compatibility and modern quality assurance standards. The modular set up of the system allows integration with standard liquid handling robots. Thus, the system represents a flexible solution for laboratory automation e.g. in the research application fields of human genetics, biobanking, or virus and bacteria detection.


  • Facilitates reliable and approved chemagen Technology, ensuring
  • no cross contamination
  • smooth and efficient resuspension technology
  • Quality assurance through
  • bar code reading/sample tracking
  • LIMS compatible log files
  • chemagic QA Software
  • Convenient and improved sample management